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Is there something that's worrying you?
Whatever your worries might be, you are not alone in having them.

If your worries have ever held you back from doing things, you are not alone.

This book is for any child who needs a reminder that they can be brave, even if they feel worried sometimes.

From the award-winning author of Love Your Body and Be Your Own Man comes Life Lessons for Little Ones: a new series that contains life's most important lessons, such as embracing vulnerability, listening to your body and embracing your uniqueness - teachings that every child (and their grown-up!) deserves to hear.

You've got this (By: Jess Sanders)

    • ISBN: 9781922848581
    • For Ages: Primary
    • Format: Hardcover
    • Number Of Pages: 24
    • Published: 31 January 2023
    • Dimensions (cm): 22.0 x 22.0
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