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How We Got Here?

Butterfly Books is an independent online bookshop that focuses on celebrating books and reading as an educational tool and a better way of life!


As a teacher of more than 12 years I noticed that there was a gap in book stores and what they could offer. My bookshop has three distinct sections - Children's books; Teacher resource books and Lifestyle books to inspire all book lovers. 

The bookshop has been created purely from my passion for reading, teaching and learning. It's a place where teachers can go to get quality resource books for all subjects in one spot.  For parents and students aged 8 - 18 a place for them to acquire inspirational picture and non-fiction books (the age when reading starts to drop off!) 

The bookshop is a lifelong dream of mine coming into fruition. I have been an avid reader and lover of books since my early childhood and this is my way of sharing my passion with the wider community. The books I choose are handpicked for their high quality content, mostly from Australian authors where possible. I love to support new and upcoming Australian authors and illustrators. 

I hope that you will see that my bookshop is one different from the rest - unique. It is a little bookshop with a big heart. Please get in touch if you have any questions or requests for books.

"Reading is knowledge, and knowledge is powerful."

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