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The #Shelfie

Image by Pierre Bamin

Bibliophile; A person who collects or has a great love of books. If you consider yourself a lover of books and are passionate about adding new titles to your bookshelf then the #shelfie is for you!

By purchasing the #shelfie you will receive a book from our Lifestyle section. You will not know what the book is until it lands in your mailbox and unwrap it! And who doesn’t love a surprise book to add to your #shelfie!

Books in our lifestyle section cover a range of topics and titles including gardening, indoor plants, cooking, health and wellbeing, self-care, crystals, fashion, home and interior styling and much more. The advantage of purchasing the #shelfie each month, is that it will diversify the collection of books in your bookshelf, creating a lust worthy home library.

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