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The Little Things is a reassuring reminder that there is plenty in the world to make us smile and give us hope.

On days the sunshine stays away,
you wake up feeling sad and grey,
you'll find the small things can delight –
those little things that feel just right.

The Little Things celebrates the joy and comfort to be found in life’s simple moments, whether it’s spitting cherry pips or bubbly baths on rainy nights. A rhyming text that calls on our senses and travels through the seasons, The Little Things is beautifully illustrated and invites readers to find solace and delight in the small but special moments of our everyday lives.

The Little Things (By: Penny Harrison)

    • ISBN: 9781761211263
    • For Ages: Children 3+
    • Format: Hardcover
    • Number Of Pages: 32
    • Published: 4th January 2023
    • Dimensions (cm): 27.5 x 22.5
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