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What will Emma and Ryan find in Great Grandpa's soldier's tin?
What secrets has he never told anyone?
Follow the adventures of Emma and Ryan as they travel through France and Belgium, finding out what their Great Grandfather experienced in World War 1. 
Emma and Ryan encounter people along the way who teach them the history of the area.
With a focus on the Remembrance Trail, children reading this book will learn about areas Australians fought in during the war and understand the lasting impact conflict has on people and on the environment.
Independent readers aged 10+ will enjoy reading Remembering For Peace: The Adventures of Emma and Ryan.


About the Author:

Dr. Heather Sharp is a history and education specialist. Her expertly written text connects Australia's involvement in France and Belgium during World War 1 to current topics such as the environment, refugees, experiences of trauma, sport, and remembrance.

Remembering for Peace (By: Dr. Heather Sharp)

    • ISBN: 9780648396109
    • For Ages: Children 10+
    • Format: Hardcover
    • Number Of Pages: 40
    • Published: 2018
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