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Plant, soil, moss, twine-that's all you need to create the exciting form of bonsai known as koke (moss) dama (ball). Moss Ball Bonsai provides all the information you need to make these self-contained gardens, using different types of plants-from flowering trees and ferns to grasses and cacti. A sampling of 100 different kokedama shows how even the most common of house plants can shine in this appealing no-pot environment, while a section on mosses acquaints you with the many tones and textures of this versatile plant family.

With this bonsai guide, you will learn how to: Create and maintain a healthy home for your miniature garden's root system; Use inexpensive house plants and cuttings as the basis of your kokedama; Make beautiful (and quirky) group plantings within a single project; Find, collect and propagate moss. And more!

Whether resting on a pottery dish or suspended in the air, these little indoor gardens are a wonderful way to add a touch of artistry and greenery to your home or work space.

About the Author

Satoshi Sunamori is a residential garden designer, kusabonsai ("grass bonsai") artist and gardening instructor. After garnering considerable experience in the sale and distribution of bonsai, particularly of flowers and wild grasses, he opened a mini-bonasi and kokedama shop in 1999. His shop Isso, located inside Tokyo's Nishiogi Department Store, is a combination cafe and interior design consultancy that also sells mini-bonsai and kokedama.

Moss Ball Bonsai (By: Satoshi Sunamori)

SKU: 9784805315293
    • ISBN: 9784805315293
    • For Ages: General
    • Format: Hardcover
    • Number Of Pages: 96
    • Published: 1st March 2020
    • Dimensions (cm): 25.4 x 19.1 x 1.91
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