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What is climate change? Is it the same as global warming? Can we stop it? This book helps answer these questions and provides kids with the necessary knowledge to make up their own minds on climate change.

Climate change is one of the most pressing issues facing our nations today - but what is it? Hasn't it always been happening? What is making it worse? Why do some people deny its happening? The concept of climate change and all of its implications is discussed as part of the What's the Issue series. What's the Issue asks 'what's all the fuss about?' It reviews what is at stake when we think about climate change, with the aim of helping young people to understand this difficult subject and provide them with the tools to inform their own opinions on the issue.

Climate Change. What is the issue? (By: Tom Jackson)

    • ISBN: 9780711250284
    • For Ages: Children 
    • Format: Paperback
    • Number Of Pages: 96
    • Published: 1st August 2020
    • Dimensions (cm): 24.0 x 18.5
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