The Story of Inventions (By: Catherine Barr & Steve Williams)

The Story of Inventions (By: Catherine Barr & Steve Williams)


The world is brimming full of incredible inventions - but where did it all begin? How did these incredible inventions come about? Journey back in time, travel across the world and discover incredible inventions from throughout history.

Take a ride on the very first wheel, find your way and ensure you'll never get lost again with the compass, let the lights come on with electricity, watch as the world puffs into life with the steam engine and many more astounding inventions. Written with bitesized pieces of text and illustrated with bright and engaging artwork, this is the perfect introduction to some of the most amazing inventions that have helped make history.

Learn fascinating facts about the people behind these inventions and how their discoveries changed the world forever. So what are you waiting for? Let's uncover The Story of Inventions

Inventions featured: The wheel, the compass, paper, clocks, gunpowder, steam engines, vaccinations, computers, electricity, the telephone, the car, planes, plastic, nuclear weapons and the internet.

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    • ISBN: 9780711245372
    • For Ages: Children 
    • Format: Hardcover
    • Number Of Pages: 40
    • Published: 3rd March 2020
    • Dimensions (cm): 27.69 x 24.89 x 1.78